Our Story

Our story begins in the fall of 2006 with a couple of goofy grade 9s trying too hard to be cool. One awkward (but cute!) girl entering her first year in the public school system, and one bean sprout lacking any form of coordination.

This part will come, promise!

The two shared a few classes together and their friendship quickly grew.

Alissa enjoys recounting one of her first memories of Kevin in which the two are participating in learning their "home room cheer" for their grade 9 orientation. Kevin, being as sharp as a rubber band, was paying little attention to his critical role in the performance, and was not in position for his cue. A brief run across the classroom, a short jump on a desk, and a quick crash to the ground provided the class an insight into the clumsiness that they would enjoy as entertainment for the next four years.

Things weren't always sunshine and rainbows. Put two band geeks with competitive natures into the same music class and one of them will be bragging about their superiority 10 years later (it was Alissa, with a 97% vs Kevin's 96%). The music teacher was torn giving the grade 9 music award to Alissa, as Kevin had always been such a joy to have in his class, but you can't change the system unfortunately and the injustice stood.

As high school went on, the two continued to be friends, however, their variance in schedules did not afford the two of them much quality time together. As time went on, the after school visits from Kevin on his motorcycle began to become less and less frequent and upon graduation, the occasional summer visit eventually faded to just memories of an old friend.

Cue momma bear (Melanie Gillespie), always on the prowl for a worthy partner for her baby girl, being ecstatic upon coincidence bringing her into the company of the wonderful Mr. Witlox once again. After a brief discussion, she was convinced and had collected the information she needed, and put her calculated plan into play. Kevin was left with a phone number, and Alissa was left with the promise of a visit from an old friend.

Being a small woman from a small town, the big city of Milton was a new experience for Alissa. A friendly familiar face living a short distance away provided her with the comfort and memories of home. After a few hangouts at the mall, a couple dinner dates, and many intel collection missions (now very appreciated) by double agent friends, the two were set on a path that they could never have expected.

It wasn't long before they knew that the inevitable was going to happen, and that's why you're reading this site! February 2016, Kevin made the best investment of his life. The ring. There was a chance that Alissa knew about the ring, and Kevin still wanted for that moment to somehow be a surprise. For the next week, that ring was the sheep to his Bo-Peep1 as he waited for the perfect moment.

The moment presented itself on the 24th of February 2016.

After a long shift at work, Kevin needed some fresh air and a brisk walk. Their "brisk walk" turned into a short drive, straight to the local Michaels (OH BOY!). While perusing the yarn and stencils, Kevin couldn't get the ring off his mind. The music echoing over the speakers slowly became more and more romantic until the confirmation he had been looking for, "Marry You" by Bruno Mars, began to play. All aboard! Now departing for the romance department! Choo! Choo!

Escaping the ever observant eye of his soon to be (hopefully!) fiancée, Kevin rushed to set a plan into motion that came so naturally to him. One hand behind the back holding the ring box, bright synthetic daisies in the other, he waited at the end of a carefully prepared aisle. As Alissa finally reared the corner with a perplexed look on her face (likely wondering how he'd escaped her and why he was dancing so embarassingly), she wandered towards her boyfriend. She'd made it halfway down the aisle before she noticed the painted wooden letters at eye level spelling out the words he was afraid he wouldn't be able to speak.

Between the letters, Mr. Mars' sweet melodies of "I think I wanna marry you", and Kevin down on one knee, she managed to figure out that indeed, she was being proposed to in the middle of a craft store.


They hurriedly paid for the daisies, all thoughts of whatever important craft related plans they had been making out the window, and rushed to celebrate being that much closer to their happily ever after.

1. Everwhere that Kevin went the ring was sure to "follow".

The Celebration

The big "I do" will be happening on July 8th 2017 at the Cardinal Golf Club in King, Ontario. Keep an eye on your mailbox, more details will be provided in the wedding invitations!


Accommodations have been arranged with the Best Western Voyageur Place Hotel in Newmarket for after the celebration. You can reserve a room by calling the hotel at 1-800-575-0601 and referencing "Gillespie/Witlox Wedding" for the special group rate! A chartered bus service will be providing one trip from the hotel for our guests who plan on staying the night, and two return trips.

If you will not be staying at the hotel but plan to imbibe, please help us keep the day splendid by arranging for a safe ride home!

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